Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Sakura Season Past

It's hard to believe that just last month, the city was blanketed with hues of white and pink as the cherry blossoms literally took over the city. The combination of the beautiful blossoms and perfect weather makes this the best season of the entire year.

The sakura trees really change the entire landscape of Tokyo. I mean just look at the ramen shop below. Looks like Paris no? Well, that's really due to the design, but I thought this corner reminded me of a Paris street corner rather than Tokyo.

Everywhere you go, the pink petals of the sakura are littered all over the place. Every time a gust of wind blows, it takes a basketful of sakura petals with it and it's absolutely stunning. 

Just look at the street on the below. It's completely covered in pink petals. There really are no words to describe such beauty and it's not just here, it's everywhere.

Although cherry blossom season is over, I already miss it and wish I could rewind the clock back in time so that I can, just for one day, experience the beauty of the cherry blossoms again.

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