Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TabiEats is Born

Happy Birthday TabiEats! Yes, today it's a day of joy and congratulations is in order as it's the birth of my new blog TabiEats. I'm as thrilled as a mother giving birth, but I guess that's going just a bit too far. Anyway, I'm just absolutely thrilled that I finally got it started. So why did I decide on such a strange and weird name such as TabiEats? Keep reading to find out!

This project has been in the works for some time now and although I've always been wanting to start a food and travel blog, the timing wasn't right. I had other responsibilities and projects on the plate and I knew that if I was going to do this, it had to be done right. 

For the past 9 months, I started writing for a platform called Squidoo, which used to be a popular online content site where writers had the freedom to write about their passions. I remember my first lens ( that's what Squidoo calls them ) was about low-carb eating, and shortly thereafter, I wrote one about the humble tofu. Yeah I know, pretty boring stuff, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about. All I knew was that I had a lot to say ( although I didn't know that then ) and once I started writing, there was no stopping me. 

After looking back at my year-long journey with Squidoo ( and 165 articles later ), I realized that more than half of what I wrote about was about food. In the process, I ended writing about my favorite recipes in addition to creating new ones.

In addition to food, I realized that I also enjoyed sharing my travel experiences with the community. I've always loved traveling ever since I was a kid and the travel bug has never really left me alone. I still travel as much as I can, whether it's a trip to Thailand or traveling back home to Hawaii, I can't seem to get enough. I also started to discover my own country as well. With all the beautiful places to see and the wonderful and bewildering dishes to sample in my country of Japan, there is so much to see, experience and taste.

So to answer the question, "Why TabiEats"? I seriously brainstormed for months to come up with this name but I think it's a good one. I wanted a name that would truly reflect this blog. The word "tabi" means "travel or journey" in Japanese. "Eats" is simply another way to say "food" ( i.e. Marie's Good Eats ) but I'm sure you already knew that. 

TabiEats is all about my travels as well as the food I encounter on my journeys. The journey can be an exotic one, or it could simply be a short bike ride to a nice cafe in Tokyo. It also means the journey which we call life and food is something that I find particularly exciting as I travel around my own universe. 

I hope you find my foodcentric stories as well as my recipes to be interesting and fun to read. I promise to keep it as casual, light-hearted and "real", just like how I am in person. Besides I'm just an ordinary guy, who loves to sharing his life ( and recipes ) with the entire world.


  1. Ah, so that's were the name comes from! I've been curious about it for a while! xD

    1. Sorry for the late reply to your message. Yes! Now you understand. :) Once again sorry for the lateness.


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