Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Som Tam and His Spicy Siblings-Lunch at MBK Bangkok

With every trip to Thailand, my love for the spicy papaya salad called Som Tam grows in intensity. It's hard to compare this complex dish to anything else because it's so multi-dimensional in flavor and texture. The mixture of salty and salty, sour and sweet, Som Tam is a refreshing salad that makes my mouth water with every single bite. 

After our tour of Jim Thompson's House, we walked over to the huge MBK shopping mall and immediately made our way to the massive food court. As my friend and I made our way past the selections, we honed in on one stall, letting you choose two items from an array of dishes. 

We both order plates of rice with two choices of the spiciest stir-fried foods we'd ever eaten. My friend decided to go for the same, except with different choices to go with his mound of rice. Everything on our plates were overflowing with spiciness and despite the pain on my tongue, I was in culinary heaven. 

My friend, on the other had, was visibly having a difficult time handling the heat and with every bite of his food, a tear would streak down his cheek. To minimize the spiciness, he took a couple of sips of his Thai Iced Tea, which ended up being the biggest mistake because it only intensified the pain in his mouth! 

Just check out the specks of hot chili in the dishes above. Although my friend tried to pick them out, it was nearly impossible to avoid them. Even though he's not a huge fan of spicy foods, I'm immensely proud of his bravery for at least trying it. And as you'll see, he didn't give up throughout the entire trip. 

We went through an entire library of spicy foods during our week-long food frenzy in Bangkok. And while our stomachs didn't always agree with us, we enjoyed every single tantalizing bite. 

MBK is one of the most popular malls in the Siam area in Bangkok. The closest station to the MBK mall is National Stadium on the Sky Train ( BTS ). The mall is so huge, you can't miss it. 

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