Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cake for Breakfast

On the first morning in Bangkok, I wake up to the sound of the beeping cars passing by along the highway I'm front of the hotel. I was assigned a room facing a busy street the noise wasn't unbearable and the room was more spacious than I expected. 

After a quick shower, I head out to enjoy a day of shopping, eating and a little bit of culture. But wait a minute. What do I see across the street from my hotel! I see a Dean and Deluca store-one of my favorite stores in New York City. 

Naturally I gravitate towards the store and am curious to see what kind of goodies are on offer. As I wandered around the spacious and stylishly decorated store, I immediately decide that I must have a certain cake that was calling me from the glass display, showing off a dozen or so temptingly decorated cakes. 

I zoom in on this one cake that looked like something out of a fairy tale- a place inhabited by rainbow unicorns and pink rabbits. I was mesmerized and resistance was futile. 

Along with a cup of hot green tea, this became my first breakfast in Bangkok and it was a fantastic way to start my holiday. 

The Dean and Deluca Store is located at BTS Chong Nongsi Station in Bangkok. 

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