Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Premium Kit Kats from Japan

Are you a fan of Kit Kats? You know those bars of chocolate-covered wafers that's so hard to resist? Well if you find it easy to resist the typical Kit Kat bars you're used to seeing, you might not have such an easy time with these premium versions of Kit Kats found at the Kit Kat Chocolatory that opened up about a year ago here in Japan.

So far, I only know of one place that sells these special Kit Kats and that is in Ikebukuro at the very exclusive Kit Kat Chocolatory store located in the food hall of Seibu Department Store. There's usually a long line on the weekends and a small line forms even on weekdays.

So one day I found myself standing in line on a slow weekday and there were only about 7 people in front of me. Not bad at all. So as I stood in line, I had to try and decide on 5 flavors that I would purchase for myself. Why 5 flavors you ask? Here's the thing.

These Kit Kats are expensive! Each box comes with 4 individual packs of smallish Kit Kats and they cost 400 Yen ( $4.00 US ) per box. And the box is small! So even with 5 boxes, that comes out to over 2000 yen not including tax! So 5 flavors is my limit for this round of taste testing.

After looking at the various offerings, I decided on these flavors. Butter, Ume, Green Tea and Kinako, Strawberry Maple and Matcha Sakura. Interesting flavor combinations that's for sure and that's exactly why I wanted to try them out. And did I mention you can't get them at regular stores even in Japan?

Obviously I've already created a video on it so if you want to see them up close and in vivid detail, check it out.


As always let me know what you thought and definitely check the video out as I taste all the wonderful flavors of these very premium Kit Kats. 

If you've never tried Japanese Kit Kats before, you owe it to try them out for yourself. This sampler pack includes unique flavors such as Tokyo Rum Raisin, Nagoya Red Bean Sandwich, Yawataya Togarashi (Chili Pepper), Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake, Shinshu Apple, Wasabi. 

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